“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority”

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

2018   Spectroscopic examinations of hydro- and glaciovolcanic basaltic tuffs: Modes of alteration and relevance for Mars, W.H. Farrand, S.P. Wright, T.D. Glotch, C. Schröder, E.C. Sklute, and M.D. Dyar, Icarus, 309, 241-259.

2016 VNIR multispectral observations of aqueous alteration materials by the Pancams on the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers, W.H. Farrand, J.R. Johnson, M.S. Rice, A. Wang, J.F. Bell III, American Mineralogist, 101, 2005-2019, doi:0.2138/am-2016-5627.

2016 Basaltic glass formed from hydrovolcanism and impact processes: Characterization and clues for detection of mode of origin from VNIR through MWIR reflectance and emission spectroscopy, W.H. Farrand, S.P. Wright, A.D. Rogers, and T.D. Glotch, Icarus275, 16-28.

2014 Observations of rock spectral classes by the Opportunity rover's Pancam on northern Cape York and on Matijevic Hill, Endeavour Crater, Mars, W.H. Farrand, J.F. Bell III, J.R. Johnson, M.S. Rice, B.L. Jolliff, and R.E. Arvidson , J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 119, doi:10.1002/2014JE004641.

2014 Detection of copiapite in the northern Mawrth Vallis region of Mars: Evidence of acid sulfate alteration, W.H. Farrand, T.D. Glotch, and B. Horgan , Icarus, 241, 346-357.

2009 Discovery of Jarosite within the Mawrth Vallis region of Mars: Implications for the geologic history of the region, W.H. Farrand, T.D. Glotch, J.W. Rice, J.A. Hurowitz, and G.A. Swayze, Icarus, 204, 478-488, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.07.014.

Conference Publications 

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